5 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Fall This Weekend

I don’t know about anyone else, but getting to Fall weather has felt like a hike up a mountain. Here in the Midwest, the weather is still uncertain and we have what we call “hoodie and shorts” weather or “cold in the morning, sweating in the afternoon” weather. Whatever you call it, the fact that it’s even heading in what I believe is the best direction, is enough for me. Now that I feel like I can breathe again and I no longer feel like I’m swimming through the humidity, it’s time to celebrate! I try and do a few of these activities each year so life feels a bit more festive.

  • Go on a drive through the mountains (if you live there) or just around town. No matter what kind of adventure you choose, pair it with your favorite Fall drink and the Autumn Acoustic Spotify playlist. Driving around during the Fall is such a simple, yet fun way to view the Fall fairs going on around your city or see the trees changing colors.
Friso, CO, USA (2019)
  • Try a new Fall drink. Speaking of fall drinks, my go-to is usually a Pumpkin Chai (which is more difficult to find than you would think). You can use this mini adventure as a low-key date, a fun chance to try a new coffee shop, or a place to add some spice into your life. This Bustle article from 2015 compiled a list of fun fall drinks you can even make at home for the ultimate low-key date. Add Netflix and you have a nice Saturday afternoon (or day…I’m not judging).
My favorite drink is a warm chai latte
  • Explore the small towns in your area. When I think of Fall, I think adventure and an inexpensive way to spend a Fall day is driving around cute towns near you to see what they have going on. Depending on where you live, you might have a never-ending list and this would be a perfect opportunity to see new places. For more ideas try these: East Coast, South, Southwest, West Coast, PNW, Midwest. I can vouch for many of these towns and if you’ve visited any of these, I’d love to know below!
Crested Butte, CO, USA (2018)
  • Start reading some of the books you’ve collected. Maybe this is just exciting to me, but I’ve been collecting so many books with promises to myself that I will read them. Yet, here I am with many books and none have been read. It can be difficult to make the time to read after work or a busy weekend, but it’s so relaxing and you can escape reality for a bit. Who doesn’t love that? If you want to go the extra mile, find a local bookstore on a rainy day and you’ll be set!
  • Start a new hobby. Whether that’s blogging, reading your new books, traveling to small towns, or something crafty. This new hobby can help you once Winter comes along. I love the coziness that Winter brings, but once Christmas has passed, there isn’t much else that makes me excited for Winter anymore. Which is pretty bad since Christmas is only three days after the official start of the coldest season in the Northern Hemisphere. Looking for more than what’s listed? Here is a helpful link to hobbies you can try this Fall. Try this list for ones you can continue all year long.
St. Joseph, MI, USA (2018)

Fall is my absolute favorite season which you all will find out quick enough and this list is just a few examples to get you started on enjoying the best season around! If you have more ideas, I would love to hear them below!

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